TractionTools changelog
TractionTools changelog

November 30th, 2018


  • Exporting the Scorecard from Tile on the Workspace now includes a date range
  • FAQ Tile
    • "How do I start a meeting?" guided tour has been improved


  • Exported Scorecard trims beginning and ending weeks that have no data
  • For Users without sufficient permissions, the Create User Dialog is disabled in the Manage Meeting Section
  • Selected Issues now display correctly on Macs
  • Trashcan button now operates faster in the Manage Meeting Section
  • Zoom Meetings can now be deleted
  • Edited Meeting ratings now work when a rating field is left empty
  • Added "Become Leader" to the L10 settings (gear icon) button. Users can click this button to gain control of the meeting or to reestablish control

Manage Organization

User Accountabilities Page

  • Removed Edit Rocks pop-up window
  • Rocks list displays # of Meetings in which the Rock appears
  • Rocks can now be deleted from the list which removes Rock from all Meetings in which it appears
  • Rocks can be added to multiple Meetings upon creation from this page
  • Moved Rocks List below Roles (Ordering is Roles, Rocks, Measurables)
  • Removed Job Description for companies not using legacy review module

My Settings Page

  • Updating profile images now includes a "Success" message
  • Rudimentary color-blind accessibility options have been added to the following:
    • Scorecard
    • Rock Statuses
    • IDS (Solved and Moved Issues)
    • People Analyzer

Meeting Archive

  • Reordering Measurables is fixed on the archive page


  • Standardized the Measurable Creation Pop-up across the software. From this dialog you can edit the following:
  • Name
  • Accountable User
  • Units
  • Goal
  • Average Range
  • Cumulative Range
  • Formula
    • Updates are quicker
    • Empty formulas are handled
  • More color contrast by default on the Scorecard
  • Dynamic descriptions are included for all actions which have side effects

Security Improvements

  • Auto logout of software after extended period of inactivity

Error Notices

  • "Not an Organization" no longer shows the error screen, instead just shows "Not an Organization"