TractionTools changelog
TractionTools changelog

November 2018


  • Fixed issue where some user's Rocks were displaying due dates incorrectly
  • Milestones section in L10 has been enlarged to give better view of items
  • Fixed bug where Dividers in the Scorecard were impassable when using arrow keys to navigate between cells
  • Changed "Generate Quarterly Printout" to "Quarterly Printout" in L10 Manage Section
  • When creating Rocks in the L10 Manage section you now receive a notification reminding you to add a title if you've forgotten to do so

Manage Organization

  • Fixed bug that prevented users from exporting all Rocks if there was a blank Rock in a Meeting Archive
  • Fixed bug where Enterprise Pricing was not automatically calculating monthly charge correctly
  • Fixed bug affecting some Internet Explorer users where credit card information would not display properly when updating payment information
  • Adjusted layout of the Manage Positions page to make it easier to see which position you are deleting

Accountability Chart

  • Fixed bug affecting some users where using the zoom function in their browser would cause the "Create User/Function" button to disappear off screen
  • Adjusted position of "X" button to remove Role from Seat as it was too close to the "+" button which adds new Roles
  • Fixed bug when hovering mouse cursor over "Create Function/Employee" would cause an error message to appear

My Settings Page

  • Removed GMT from "Time to send To-Do Email:" and replaced it with user's local time zone


  • Fixed bug where entering in a year would result in the improper year being displayed

Quarterly Conversation

  • Fixed bug when editing a Quarterly Conversation that caused the "Date" field to display as "Name"