March 2018 - Version 2.2.1

Quarterly Printouts

  • Improved layouts
  • Customizable branding and colors
  • Accountability Chart prints on fewer pages
  • Multi-page V/TO printouts look much better
  • Recreated the Rocks Printout Page
  • Recreated the People Analyzer page

Quarterly Conversation

  • Quarterly Conversation improved
  • Added People Analyzer to the L10
  • Improved layout of Quarterly Conversation
  • Further distinguished expired Quarterly Conversations
  • Quarterly Conversations issued in the background
  • Renaming Quarterly Conversations
  • Includes Rocks
  • Added cross-company Rock status page
  • Added renaming of Quarterly Conversations
  • Added Quarterly Conversation archive
  • Removed auto-complete from the issuing Quarterly Conversation
  • Company rocks included in individual rocks section on the printout
  • Removed duplicate rocks from Quarterly Conversation
  • Page Refreshes when issuing Quarterly Conversation

Speed Improvements

  • Dramatic improvements to the speed of the website
  • Meeting summaries send more quickly
  • Page load times drastically improved
  • Creating Quarterly Conversations is faster
  • Meeting Summary loads faster
  • Frequently executed queries optimized