TractionTools changelog
TractionTools changelog

July 25th, 2019

Bugs/Minor Features

  • Fixed Context Aware To-Do/Issues not defaulting to owner

  • Meetings drop-down in Workspace now alphabetical. In addition, starred meetings will be shown in the main list

  • When generating quarterly printout, the measurable label and its value will now have a spacing between them

  • On the Add Measurable and Add Rock modals, the "Select Existing" has been changed to "Select Existing Rock" and "Select Existing Measurable"

  • The "Already have a Traction┬« Tools account? Click here." link on the registration page has been changed to color blue and a larger font. In addition, the bug in the registration page wherein a portion of the page becomes white when zoomed in has been fixed as well

  • Users with Admin access will now have the ability to reset a password for another user

  • A new section at the bottom of the Invoice Page has been added so people can see who the active users are that they are paying for

  • Improved creation time of Rocks, Issues, To-Dos, and Headlines

Text Only Changes

  • The Future Date on 3-Year Plan, 1-Year Plan, and Rocks sections will no longer be off by one day when set in 3 different sections
  • On the Accountability Chart seat settings, the "Subordinates" is changed to "Direct Reports". The "Manage" tile on Workspace is changed to "Direct Reports". Lastly, on the Software Updates tile, the "Traction Tools Update" has been changed to "Traction Tools Updates"
  • The Due Date on Quarterly Printout and Quarterly Conversations will no longer be off by one day
  • The changes on the "Rocks" section in V/TO will now reflect in the Quarterly Rock Sheet
  • The Revenue, Profit, and Measurables field on the Quarterly Rocks Sheet should contain data from the "Rocks" section in V/TO
  • V/TO Measurables will no longer display codes
  • The Revenue, Profit, and Measurables fields will now be defaulted on the 3-Year Picture, 1-Year Plan, and Rocks for newly created meetings