January 2018 - Version 2.0.3


  • Manage button replaces L10 edit button (was a pencil)
  • Add/Create User Dialog Updated
  • Measurables and Rocks now have searchable field to Add/Create
  • Measurables and Rocks now easily linkable from other meetings
  • Add (+) button now floats with screen
  • Edit Pages Dialog added to Manage section
  • Preview Meeting now an option inside L10
    • Limited editing options inside Preview Meeting
    • No clearing To-Dos/Headlines
    • No Email Summary Sent
  • L10 page and Manage Sections performance significantly improved
  • Set To-Do owner as "Caller" added to L10 Advanced Settings


  • Refined configuration of Workspace
  • Added Meetings Menu with auto-generated pages for L10s
  • Auto-generated meetings pages have static layout
  • When new user is registered Workspace displays L10 Scorecard (if one is available) instead of Personal Scorecard
  • Convert Personal To-Do to L10 To-Do added to Workspace
  • People Headlines now editable from Workspace

Manage Organization

  • Reworked Manage Organization Page
  • AC, Position, Team, and Org tabs removed
  • Core Values, an Payments tabs added
  • Payments Tab removed from Advanced to its own tab
    • Permissions menu added for updating financial info, access given by default to Admins


  • Multiple Target Markets allowed on V/TO

User Management

  • New User Type: Placeholder User
    • Placeholders are free users
    • Placeholders require no email address
    • Registering a Placeholder removes Placeholder status
  • Users can be designated as Leadership Team members upon creation

Meeting Archive

  • Ability to re-title a Note added to Meeting Archive
  • Restore Rocks, People Headlines, To-Dos, and Issues from Meeting Archive

Quarterly Printouts

  • Print an Export People Headlines
  • Rock completion percentage and ratio added to printout
  • Fixed Rock status not properly displaying after exporting
  • Aggregate Rock Completion Percentage for Company Rocks now properly displayed on printout
  • Fixed some printing issues with the V/TO
  • Exclude Guarantee & Proved Process from printout if field is blank


  • Fixed Scorecard bug where dates were off by one in certain time zones
  • Users can be designated as Leadership Team members upon creation
  • Fixed export bugs for Measurables with same name as others