February 2018 - Version 2.1.1


  • API Version 1 released
    • Access Traction Tools data Systematically
    • Add/Edit/Remove Rocks, Roles, Measurables, Scores, To-Dos, Issues Scorecard charts

User Management

  • Alternate invite method when email fails
    • Accessible from the resend invite on the second attempt to send
  • Fixed accountabilities page bug
  • Removable phone actions
  • Forgot password link more prominent

Accountability Chart

  • More Accountability Chart printing options
    • Print sub-trees by clicking the print button on a seat
    • Print accountability chart one department per page
  • Added triple dot indicator below the collapsed accountability chart seat


  • View new or outstanding invoices
    • Pay outstanding invoices

Company Statistics

  • View statistics about your organization
    • Rocks, To-Dos, Issues, Employees
    • Accessible by admins from the Manage Organization page, on the Advanced tab


  • View graphed data on the Scorecard page of the L10
  • Combine multiple measurables to identify patterns
    • To use, click the chart icon

Scorecard Formulas

  • Calculate rows for Scorecard
    • Combine data from multiple measurables
    • To access, hold the 'shift' key when viewing a scorecard and click '(f)'


  • Scorecard numerical truncation
  • Added date and meeting title to L10 printout
  • Button added to undo moved issues
  • L10 timers off
  • People headlines now grab notes
  • Banner To-Do/Issue/Headlines buttons larger
  • L10 Agenda printout matches meeting ordering for Issues and To-Dos
  • Issues sortable by create date
  • Issues' notes no longer run off the page when moving
  • Edit rating now available on the meeting stats page after conclusion
  • Add divider' puts the divider in a more visible position


  • Notes for People Headlines now opens in Archive


  • Shared V/TOs now display titles on Vision page
  • Shared V/TOs now display titles on Traction page

Error Notices

  • More understandable error pages


  • Add linkable text to the notes panels

Quarterly Printouts

  • Rocks printout reformatted to match EOS documents


  • Milestones occasionally showing up on the To-Do list