TractionTools changelog
TractionTools changelog

April 14th, 2019

Accountability Chart

  • Cleaner UI, Improved UX, Faster

  • View chart by levels

  • Condensed Chart mode

  • Descriptive buttons

  • Search bar improved

  • Moved editing seats to side panel

  • Added Re-centering


  • Set a primary workspace

  • Access any workspace from any page

Workspace Tiles

  • Update or add an item to any tile

  • Added personal scorecard download

  • To-do list groups by meeting

  • To-dos show a strike-through on completion

  • Revamp the stats tile

  • Added placeholder box on dragging tiles


  • Add file at create time

  • Attach to any number of meetings at creation or during editing

  • Removed the 'about' field from people headlines


  • You can now add or remove V/TO Measurables


  • Moved issues show their new meeting

  • Added meeting summary subscriptions

  • Introduced emergency Read-Only Mode

Bugs/Minor Features

  • Accountability Chart no longer allows invalid data

  • Fixed some L10's not loading until refresh

  • Fixed errors on setting the zoom link

  • Removed double nav-bar from some pages

  • Removed duplicate core values from some people analyzers

  • Removed completed to-dos from meeting summary

  • Fixed tile dragging bug