TractionTools changelog
TractionTools changelog

2020 November New Features


  • Updated fonts.

  • Updated box shading.

  • Scorecard charts within a meeting have been updated.

  • Rocks on the personal rock tile now group by meeting.

  • The new issue, to-do, and people headline buttons have circles around them in the top menu bar.

  • In the meeting environment, the Context-Aware To-do™ unchecked icon has been replaced with a checked icon.

Level 10 Meeting™

  • Added a 'Launch Meeting' button on the L10 > Manage screen.

  • Basic meeting summary information is now available in the Timeline.

  • When creating a Context-Aware Issue™ from a rock during a meeting, notes are now copied from the rock to the issue.

  • In the Advanced Settings of a meeting, updated verbiage "View Measurable Archive" to "View Organization-Wide Measurable Archive".

  • In the Advanced Settings of a meeting, updated verbiage "View Rock Archive" to "View Organization-Wide Rock Archive".

  • Automatically select the first headline/todo/issue/rock when landing on those specific meeting pages during a live meeting.

  • Dragging and dropping (reordering) measurables has been updated both in the meeting and in the L10 > Manage area.

  • The up/down arrow keyboard keys can be used on the headline/to-do/issue/rocks pages to navigate through items.