TractionTools changelog
TractionTools changelog

2021 March Update

Accountability Chart

  • Roles are no longer linked to functions

  • Multiple users per seat is now allowed

  • Navigate the AC with arrow keys

  • Reorder seats horizontally

  • Added "fit to screen"

  • Improved "Compact" mode

  • Replaced AC printouts and the Export PDF

UI/UX updates

  • Replaced color scheme

  • Standardized ui/ux

  • Updates to the Create User modal


  • Templates

  • Teams

  • Evals

2020 December New Feature

Altered Navigation Bar

  • Clicking the workspace button at the top left doesn't return you to your primary workspace anymore - it reveals the workspace options. The options within the workspace drop-menu can be used to navigate through the various workspaces and the Traction Tools logo at the top left of the screen can still be used to quickly return to a default workspace.

  • If the People Tools are activated, clicking the people button in the navigation bar now provides shortcut links to the Accountability Chart™, People Analyzer™, and Quarterly Conversations™, saving time.


  • The orange navigation bar has been removed from the top portion of the workspace.

  • Additional whitespace has been added to tiles.

  • The edit menu has a 'New Workspace' button which creates a new custom workspace.

  • There is now a scroll bar on the right side of the screen to help when moving tiles around the workspace.

Accountability Chart

  • The orange navigation bar has been removed from the top portion of the screen.

  • The search box can now search by function (job title) in addition to employee name.

  • When dragging and scrolling, there is a blue background grid indicator.

  • When a box does not have a function, there is a 'Function not set' message within the box.

Right-hand slideout menu

  • When clicking into a box, there is a 'View user' link that redirects to the user profile page.

  • There are target icons added to focus directly on a user's exact position on the Accountability Chart as well as their supervisor and direct reports.

  • Direct reports can be added from this menu by using the blue plus button.

Special Meeting Sessions

  • There are now built-in meeting modes to run Quarterly, Annual, Focus Day™, and Vision Building™ Day meetings. To learn more, click here.


  • Traction Tools is proud to announce its integration with Zapier. Zapier is a company that enables users to connect software services together. For example, one could create a Zap that pushes a to-do to a Gmail calendar once it's created in Traction Tools. To learn more, click here.

2020 November New Features


  • Updated fonts.

  • Updated box shading.

  • Scorecard charts within a meeting have been updated.

  • Rocks on the personal rock tile now group by meeting.

  • The new issue, to-do, and people headline buttons have circles around them in the top menu bar.

  • In the meeting environment, the Context-Aware To-do™ unchecked icon has been replaced with a checked icon.

Level 10 Meeting™

  • Added a 'Launch Meeting' button on the L10 > Manage screen.

  • Basic meeting summary information is now available in the Timeline.

  • When creating a Context-Aware Issue™ from a rock during a meeting, notes are now copied from the rock to the issue.

  • In the Advanced Settings of a meeting, updated verbiage "View Measurable Archive" to "View Organization-Wide Measurable Archive".

  • In the Advanced Settings of a meeting, updated verbiage "View Rock Archive" to "View Organization-Wide Rock Archive".

  • Automatically select the first headline/todo/issue/rock when landing on those specific meeting pages during a live meeting.

  • Dragging and dropping (reordering) measurables has been updated both in the meeting and in the L10 > Manage area.

  • The up/down arrow keyboard keys can be used on the headline/to-do/issue/rocks pages to navigate through items.

2020 February New Features

Sharing a V/TO™

A V/TO from one meeting can now be shared with the whole company. For additional details on sharing a V/TO, please see this knowledge base article.

Restyled Quarterly Printout

For additional details on creating a Quarterly Printout, please see this knowledge base article.

Custom Formula Update

Custom scorecard formulas can now include the same measurable more than once. For additional details on using custom scorecard formulas, please see these knowledge base articles.


July 25th, 2019

Bugs/Minor Features

  • Fixed Context Aware To-Do/Issues not defaulting to owner

  • Meetings drop-down in Workspace now alphabetical. In addition, starred meetings will be shown in the main list

  • When generating quarterly printout, the measurable label and its value will now have a spacing between them

  • On the Add Measurable and Add Rock modals, the "Select Existing" has been changed to "Select Existing Rock" and "Select Existing Measurable"

  • The "Already have a Traction® Tools account? Click here." link on the registration page has been changed to color blue and a larger font. In addition, the bug in the registration page wherein a portion of the page becomes white when zoomed in has been fixed as well

  • Users with Admin access will now have the ability to reset a password for another user

  • A new section at the bottom of the Invoice Page has been added so people can see who the active users are that they are paying for

  • Improved creation time of Rocks, Issues, To-Dos, and Headlines

Text Only Changes

  • The Future Date on 3-Year Plan, 1-Year Plan, and Rocks sections will no longer be off by one day when set in 3 different sections
  • On the Accountability Chart seat settings, the "Subordinates" is changed to "Direct Reports". The "Manage" tile on Workspace is changed to "Direct Reports". Lastly, on the Software Updates tile, the "Traction Tools Update" has been changed to "Traction Tools Updates"
  • The Due Date on Quarterly Printout and Quarterly Conversations will no longer be off by one day
  • The changes on the "Rocks" section in V/TO will now reflect in the Quarterly Rock Sheet
  • The Revenue, Profit, and Measurables field on the Quarterly Rocks Sheet should contain data from the "Rocks" section in V/TO
  • V/TO Measurables will no longer display codes
  • The Revenue, Profit, and Measurables fields will now be defaulted on the 3-Year Picture, 1-Year Plan, and Rocks for newly created meetings

April 14th, 2019

Accountability Chart

  • Cleaner UI, Improved UX, Faster

  • View chart by levels

  • Condensed Chart mode

  • Descriptive buttons

  • Search bar improved

  • Moved editing seats to side panel

  • Added Re-centering


  • Set a primary workspace

  • Access any workspace from any page

Workspace Tiles

  • Update or add an item to any tile

  • Added personal scorecard download

  • To-do list groups by meeting

  • To-dos show a strike-through on completion

  • Revamp the stats tile

  • Added placeholder box on dragging tiles


  • Add file at create time

  • Attach to any number of meetings at creation or during editing

  • Removed the 'about' field from people headlines


  • You can now add or remove V/TO Measurables


  • Moved issues show their new meeting

  • Added meeting summary subscriptions

  • Introduced emergency Read-Only Mode

Bugs/Minor Features

  • Accountability Chart no longer allows invalid data

  • Fixed some L10's not loading until refresh

  • Fixed errors on setting the zoom link

  • Removed double nav-bar from some pages

  • Removed duplicate core values from some people analyzers

  • Removed completed to-dos from meeting summary

  • Fixed tile dragging bug

March 14th, 2019


  • Adjusted Scorecard cell divider color for better contrast
  • Fixed bug affecting the Measurable Formula User Interface
  • Scorecard upload performance tweaked


  • Updated "Select Existing" and "Create" icons in Rocks and Scorecard creation window in the Manage Meeting Page of an L10


  • Removed V/TO from Meeting Archive


  • Fixed a bug that caused Navigation bar at the top of the screen to duplicate
  • Fixed a bug limiting the maximum length of Meeting names
  • Fixed Chrome Browser bug affecting AC
  • Fixed a bug affecting items not sorting properly in the Manage Meeting Page
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing items in the Manage Meeting section from sorting properly

February 6th, 2019


  • Forward Quarterly Printouts to your Implementer
    • Choose to send immediately or schedule to be sent before your offsite
    • You will receive the Printout via BCC
  • Star L10 Meetings
    • The most used meeting will appear at the top of your L10 Listing Page


  • Fixed Tile Resizing bug

November 30th, 2018


  • Exporting the Scorecard from Tile on the Workspace now includes a date range
  • FAQ Tile
    • "How do I start a meeting?" guided tour has been improved


  • Exported Scorecard trims beginning and ending weeks that have no data
  • For Users without sufficient permissions, the Create User Dialog is disabled in the Manage Meeting Section
  • Selected Issues now display correctly on Macs
  • Trashcan button now operates faster in the Manage Meeting Section
  • Zoom Meetings can now be deleted
  • Edited Meeting ratings now work when a rating field is left empty
  • Added "Become Leader" to the L10 settings (gear icon) button. Users can click this button to gain control of the meeting or to reestablish control

Manage Organization

User Accountabilities Page

  • Removed Edit Rocks pop-up window
  • Rocks list displays # of Meetings in which the Rock appears
  • Rocks can now be deleted from the list which removes Rock from all Meetings in which it appears
  • Rocks can be added to multiple Meetings upon creation from this page
  • Moved Rocks List below Roles (Ordering is Roles, Rocks, Measurables)
  • Removed Job Description for companies not using legacy review module

My Settings Page

  • Updating profile images now includes a "Success" message
  • Rudimentary color-blind accessibility options have been added to the following:
    • Scorecard
    • Rock Statuses
    • IDS (Solved and Moved Issues)
    • People Analyzer

Meeting Archive

  • Reordering Measurables is fixed on the archive page


  • Standardized the Measurable Creation Pop-up across the software. From this dialog you can edit the following:
  • Name
  • Accountable User
  • Units
  • Goal
  • Average Range
  • Cumulative Range
  • Formula
    • Updates are quicker
    • Empty formulas are handled
  • More color contrast by default on the Scorecard
  • Dynamic descriptions are included for all actions which have side effects

Security Improvements

  • Auto logout of software after extended period of inactivity

Error Notices

  • "Not an Organization" no longer shows the error screen, instead just shows "Not an Organization"

November 2018


  • Fixed issue where some user's Rocks were displaying due dates incorrectly
  • Milestones section in L10 has been enlarged to give better view of items
  • Fixed bug where Dividers in the Scorecard were impassable when using arrow keys to navigate between cells
  • Changed "Generate Quarterly Printout" to "Quarterly Printout" in L10 Manage Section
  • When creating Rocks in the L10 Manage section you now receive a notification reminding you to add a title if you've forgotten to do so

Manage Organization

  • Fixed bug that prevented users from exporting all Rocks if there was a blank Rock in a Meeting Archive
  • Fixed bug where Enterprise Pricing was not automatically calculating monthly charge correctly
  • Fixed bug affecting some Internet Explorer users where credit card information would not display properly when updating payment information
  • Adjusted layout of the Manage Positions page to make it easier to see which position you are deleting

Accountability Chart

  • Fixed bug affecting some users where using the zoom function in their browser would cause the "Create User/Function" button to disappear off screen
  • Adjusted position of "X" button to remove Role from Seat as it was too close to the "+" button which adds new Roles
  • Fixed bug when hovering mouse cursor over "Create Function/Employee" would cause an error message to appear

My Settings Page

  • Removed GMT from "Time to send To-Do Email:" and replaced it with user's local time zone


  • Fixed bug where entering in a year would result in the improper year being displayed

Quarterly Conversation

  • Fixed bug when editing a Quarterly Conversation that caused the "Date" field to display as "Name"