TractionTools changelog
TractionTools changelog

2022 February Updates


System Update


New Features

  • Reveal Rating feature.

  • The note pad can now be resized in Virtual Sessions.

  • Updated icons for buttons.

  • Get Started page was updated and simplified down to a one-page form.

  • Login & Password Reset Page UI update.

Bug Fixes

  • Newly created rocks will now default to "On Track" instead of having an empty status.

  • Adding new users - Users will be notified if the user they are creating already has the email registered.

  • Mobile: Workspaces, Scorecard tile - We removed the first column that was appearing blank only in portrait view on mobile.

  • Meeting - IDS show numbers feature: We now show the list numbers when a user chooses to restore an issue.

  • Scorecard measurables: Fix for Goals listed as "between" not showing on the tile, in calculations, and not showing the correct wording in context-aware to-dos and issues.

  • Run meetings: Rocks & To-dos -Fixed when users change owners of an item with no profile picture, a question mark would show instead of their profile icon with their initials.

  • Run meetings: Rock Review page - Updated button placement for the context-aware buttons for Company Rocks and Rock Details panel.

  • Run Meetings: To-Do list page with the empty state image showing, still displayed the details panel. Now only the empty state image will be visible.

  • Run Meetings: Rocks Page - Edit Rock button from navigation panel updated, and the details panel was showing on the empty state image.

  • Workspace: The Personal Scorecard tile now loads again the "Edit Measurable" modal.

  • Meetings landing page - fixed the notification that was not popping up when you created an item from the top nav.

  • Meetings - fixed the bug where the timer and tangent button would disappear for attendees.

2021 December Update


System Update


New Features

  • New Settings to Share Headlines and Issues to any meeting available on the Advanced tab under the Manage Organization section.

  • Accountability Chart - Add text wrapping to roles up to 3 lines then show ellipses.

  • Run meeting - To create a People Headline use Shift + P while running an L10 Meeting.

  • Run meetings - IDS Page: Make the Issues Details panel remain on-screen when they are ordered in columns.

  • Run Meetings - People Headlines - add an option for "Select all" when copying a headline to another meeting.

  • Run Meetings - IDS Page: Add an option to number a user's IDS list.

  • Tangent alert button.

  • New forms for the "Refer a friend" and "Refer a client" buttons.

  • New form to Request a data upload by clicking the "?" at the top right-hand corner of the workspace.

Bug Fixes

  • Edit Meeting: People Headlines page - Profile Pictures have grey overlay removed.

  • Conclude Page: Hitting the "ENTER" key after typing in your rating concludes the meeting.

  • Nav Bar: “Menu” is showing two Accountability Chart options.

  • Edit Meeting: To-dos & Issues pages - Fix positioning of the Plus-icon button.

  • Edit To-do modal: The date Created is not displaying the correct date.

  • Fix for the People Tools: Quarterly Conversation - Supervisors cannot evaluate direct reports and vice versa.

  • Special Session Agendas - Fixed page headers to be sticky.

  • Run meeting: To-do List - Incorrect "Late" label and remove the label from to-dos when the due date is updated.

  • Run meeting: To-do List - Incorrect "Late" label and remove the label from to-dos when the due date is updated.

  • Run meeting: People Headlines - Fix for newly created headlines with bigger font size.

  • Run meeting: Scorecard - Tooltips for creating context-aware items is not visible for aggregate to-do measurables.

  • Run meeting: IDS - Fixes for the Show Numbers functionality (Number for a newly created issue with button disabled, update to the assignment of numbers after issues have been solved)

  • Run meeting: Empty State Rock Review page has removed the detail panel.

  • Details section - Show icon to expand note box vertically while creating/editing modals.

2021 November Update


System Update



  • Workspaces & Run meeting: Measurable Accountable dropdown loads list of the entire users in the account.

  • Updated page (updated text with a link to their website)

Bug Fixes

  • Run meeting: The "Uncheck All" and "Randomize" buttons are visible without the need of hovering the cursor over the "Online" section.

  • Run meeting: Wrap long names for People Headlines

  • Fix for the misaligned "Accountable Owner" field in the Edit Rock modal

  • Run meeting: Removed opacity that appeared on Issues after prioritizing or voting on items.

  • Fixed Issues prioritization not getting in sync between attendees, issues not being displayed.

  • Fixed Issues that had votes removed when notes were updated from Workspace

  • Run meeting: Updated Rating boxes in the Conclude page to only accept values between 1 and 10

  • Run meeting: Fixed the Rock status update not showing up live for all attendees

  • Fixed Emails sent to non-selected users when creating Quarterly Conversations

  • Run meeting: IDS page - Clear Selection button disappears when switching to another agenda section with Votes (stars) enabled.

  • Run meetings: Fixed problem that caused newly-created Headlines to remove the details panels on To-dos and IDS pages.

  • Fixed the Scorecard misaligned rows caused by the dividers

2021 October Update


System Update



  • Bring the "Whiteboard" option in the meeting, out of the "View" menu so it's easier to access.

  • Updated color of "Previous week" on the Scorecard

  • Responsiveness for all "Details" panels in a meeting so buttons do not overlap. (not optimized for mobile yet)

  • "Added images and a "create button" for all empty pages in a meeting. You will see this new "empty state" when your meeting page has no content. "

Bug Fixes

  • "Conclude page - fixed blank spaces in rating section. most noticeable with odd number of users in the meeting, or with certain resolutions. "

  • Fixed positioning of Video Conference, Suggestions, and Transcript tabs across the bottom of a meeting.

  • Updated expiration date fields to accept only numbers

  • Removed the extra header with the additional set of create buttons from all custom pages.

2021 September Update


System Update



Run meeting update: UX/UI

• Remove opacity from page elements.

• Start meeting/waiting room page

• Convert "Meeting Preview" text into a tag

• Adding change owner functionality in all items while running the meeting.

• Segue Page

• Scorecard page

• Rock Review page

• People Headlines page - Update dropdown in Copy headline modal

• To-do List page

• Issues page - Updates to column view & sort function

• Conclude page

• Conclude Summary page

Chrome iOS 14/15:

• Account Login page updates

• L10 item creation buttons added on Navbar

Workspaces - Recently Solved Issues tile UI update

Font Update: Lato

Added support for Latin characters

2021 August Update


System Update



  • Added the ability to use special characters on the database - which means we can now have languages such as Vietnamese that will work in the software.

2021 July Update


System Update



  • Top Navigation Bar has a new look.

  • ADDED! Side Navigation Bar.

  • The ability to change between a light or dark top and side nav bar (through Edit Profile)

  • Updated Workspace! Check out the look of the tiles - PLUS we've added empty state images!.

  • Modals have been updated! Check out creating new to-dos, Rocks, Issues, People headlines, etc.

  • Meeting Landing Page - check out the new look of the page to select which meeting you are going to run.

2021 June Update


System Update




  • Add the ability to duplicate Accountability Chart Seats (duplicates the seat name and roles)


  • Top Nav Bar - upper right-hand corner: Org name now shows even if you are on the account name.

  • L10 meeting

    Dollar metrics ending in zero now show correctly (now shows as $7.50 - was showing as $7.5)

    Scorecard Weekly Metrics - extra-long numbers now show up uniformly. If it's over 10,000 it shows as 10K, ten million shows as 10M, 10 billion as 10B.

    When a user unfollows the leader then refollows the leader, the user now automatically syncs up with where the leader is on the agenda.

  • Workspaces:

    If a user has a meeting workspace set as Primary Workspace and they are removed from that meeting, it defaults the Primary workspace back to default

  • Accountability Chart

    The left / right buttons on the AC Chart box now show for Mac users.

2021 May Update


System Update




  • Accountability Chart Improvements - here's a blog with the highlights and KB Article.

  • Also coming soon is the ability to duplicate seats / roles in the AC Chart (should be published in the next few days).

  • Docs and Whiteboard: Here are KB Articles for each:




  • Meeting Workspace: Switch the name of the tile with the meeting name so it now shows Rocks: [Meeting name]. Before it was [Meeting name]: Rocks (which didn't work to identify the file if there was a long meeting name).

  • Enabled ability to see notes in Preview Meetings

  • L10 > Run Meeting > Conclude:

    Changed rating up/down rating arrows to go up/down by whole numbers (was going up/down by 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc - now it goes up/down by 1,2.3, etc).

    Cascading messages: Updated copy

  • Workspaces:

    Increase size of tile trash cans.

    Milestones tile: removed header that said "to-do" and it now shows the Rocks the milestone is associated with.


  • Primary workspace: "You can no longer view this workspace when first logging in" error is fixed.
  • L10 > edit meeting > Segue and People Headlines. fixed ability to edit title and adjust timing.
  • Virtual Sessions: Fixed Rock notes not saving on meeting summary.
  • L10 > Run Meeting: Fixed open Level 10 tutorial video in a separate tab.
  • Personal Scorecard can now be downloaded.
  • Edit Profile: Show color on scorecard unchecked is now working.
  • Quarterly Printout to-dos dates showing one day later than in TT software fixed.
  • Unarchived To-dos were not showing back up in the meeting they were archived in originally. This is now fixed.

2021 March Update


System Update



Accountability Chart

  • Roles are no longer linked to functions

  • Multiple users per seat is now allowed

  • Navigate the AC with arrow keys

  • Reorder seats horizontally

  • Added "fit to screen"

  • Improved "Compact" mode

  • Replaced AC printouts and the Export PDF

UI/UX updates

  • Replaced color scheme

  • Standardized ui/ux

  • Updates to the Create User modal


  • Templates

  • Teams

  • Evals